Scrub Management

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We have a vast amount of experience of scrub clearance. Wildscapes offer many scrub and heathland management services through to clear felling and coppicing for hazel regeneration. Due to the sensitivity of many sites we are able to offer both manual and mechanical clearance, depending on the project. We pride ourselves on offering a full vegetation management service helping with habitat restoration, management or creation.

Some examples of of current scrub clearance work:

  • Heathland Management services, scrub clearance and disposal​
  • Grassland maintenace- yearly grass cut and removal from site
  • Riverbank willow coppicing
  • Heathland edge woodland clearance 
  • ​Site clearance and total removal
  • Ragwort and Himalayan Balsam pulling and disposal
  • ​Parkland scrub clearance

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